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Kefir benefits – clean your digestive tract now!

Kefir benefits – clean your digestive tract now!

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Probiotics in Kefir cleanse the digestive tract, so thank to this tangy drink your skin appears clearer and more luminous. Studies also show faster weight loss among people who drink Kefir.
So eat your way gorgeous!


  1. Dear Kefir Guru,

    Thank you so much for creating this page, the site is really helpful to aid in the understanding of how this probiotic drink actually works. I am curious though, do you have a reputable source/supplier of the culture strains? I don’t really know if there is anything such as “bad” strains? Do the culture strains expire? When should I replace them?

    Looking forward to your response.


  2. Hi Palesa,

    1. We don’t recommend any specific brand that sells kefir (yet). But please keep in mind that a lot of those brands sells “dry grains” and it will take special care to activate them. It might be worth considering buying or simply getting spoon of fresh grains from someone in your neighbourhood, city or even Ebay.

    2. The main distinction is between water and milk kefir. Also, keep in mind that they grow and reproduce themselves. Thus, there is probability that there might be some differences between different sources. But this is unregulated area and scientific tests are not common.

    3. Yes they expire in a sense that they will “die”. Usually if you don’t take care of them on regular basis they will stop producing kefir. Usually people replace kefir grains when the drink is not fizzy anymore.

    Good luck!

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