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How to drink milk kefir and water kefir?

How to drink milk kefir and water kefir?

Tolerance to kefir can be built rather quickly. Take care when you are introducing kefir to your diet. Remember that kefir contains a lot of different cultures. Majority of people can tolerate a glass of kefir first day. But some can response with “active stomach”. This is due to  a special mixture of probiotics and cultures found inside of this drink. So be patient and start with a quarter of glass and track your body’s reaction. Every few days, increase the amount of kefir until you notice no symptoms. We have comments from individuals who suffer from lactose intolerance who gradually builded up stomach resistance and now can begin to enjoy kefir on daily basis. Hopefully you will be able to increase your tolerance to this amazing probiotic beverage and boost your health to next level!

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